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Francesco Guardi, Villa del Timpano Arcuato at Paese

Key facts
Full title Villa del Timpano Arcuato at Paese
Artist Francesco Guardi
Artist dates 1712 - 1793
Date made about 1782
Medium and support Oil on canvas
Dimensions 48 × 78.5 cm
Acquisition credit On loan from a private collection
Inventory number L1005
Location Room 39
Image copyright On loan from a private collection, © Private collection. Used by permission
Collection Main Collection
Villa del Timpano Arcuato at Paese
Francesco Guardi

This is one of a set of four topographical views of Venetian villas painted for John Strange, the British Resident in Venice from 1773-90.

The other paintings in the series include two views of the Villa Loredan near Paese in the Veneto region of Italy where Strange had his country residence.

Both the Villa Loredan, which he rented, and the neighbouring Villa del Timpano Arcuato (so-called because of its arched roof) belonged to the Loredan family.

Strange was a very demanding patron, and was very strict with Guardi in this commission. He required drawings and specified that he wanted topographically accurate views of these villas. Guardi was more accustomed to painting sketchier views of Venice and its canals as souvenirs for British tourists, such as his View of the Venetian Lagoon, and the commission from Strange was not typical of his usual style. The paintings in this series are testament to Guardi's versatility and ability to adapt his method to suit his subject.

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