Saints Catherine and Bartholomew

The names of the saints, Bartholomew and Catherine, are on a cartellino (or small paper) painted on the gold background.

Saint Catherine stands by the wheel on which she was tortured and Saint Bartholomew holds a flaying knife, the instrument of his martyrdom. The panel was the right-hand panel of a triptych, or possibly a polyptych. Once catalogued as Florentine School, the panel is now attributed to Francescuccio Ghissi and Allegretto Nuzi on the basis of the decorative punchwork which is similar to that on other works associated with Allegretto.

Key facts

Artist dates
active 1354; died 1373/4; active 1345 - 1374
Full title
Saints Catherine and Bartholomew
Date made
about 1350
Medium and support
Egg tempera on wood
83.2 x 51 cm
Inscription summary
Acquisition credit
Bequeathed by Herbert Charles Coleman, 1949
Inventory number
Location in Gallery