The Coronation of the Virgin

This was probably the central panel of an altarpiece, possibly from the church of San Giovanni de' Fieri near Pisa. It probably dates from the 1380s.

Agnolo Gaddi, son of the painter Taddeo Gaddi, worked chiefly in Florence where the Coronation of the Virgin was an extremely popular subject for an altarpiece (see also 'The Coronation of the Virgin' by Jacopo di Cione and that by Lorenzo Monaco).

The pink in Christ's robes and in the robes of the Virgin may have originally been richer and have faded with time. Many of the old retouchings have become discoloured.

Key facts

Artist dates
documented 1369; died 1396
Full title
The Coronation of the Virgin
Date made
about 1380-85
Medium and support
Egg tempera on wood
183.6 x 94.3 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1857
Inventory number
Location in Gallery