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'Diana and Actaeon' on display at the National Gallery

Catch Titian’s masterpiece ‘Diana and Actaeon’ at the Gallery while you can as it won’t return for some time.

It is hanging until 3 May as part of a free display in Room 10, demonstrating Titian’s profound influence on European art. Diana and Actaeon and Titian’s The Death of Actaeon (acquired in 1972), are displayed alongside paintings from diverse parts of the National Gallery’s Collection including works by Cézanne, Rubens, Poussin, Claude and Constable.

Visit the display 'Titian and His Legacy’

About the painting

Titian’s Diana and Actaeon is on display at the Gallery for the first time since its joint acquisition in early 2009 by the National Gallery and the National Galleries of Scotland.

'Diana and Actaeon' depicts the fatal consequences of a mortal tragically caught up in the affairs of the gods.  It is remarkable for its powerful dramatisation of extremes of human emotion, with its rich array of colours, contrasting textures and atmospheric effects.

Find out how Titian used all of his painterly abilities to create a visual poem