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Generously supported by the Diane Apostolos-Cappadona Trust, the Women and the Arts Forum was established in 2021 to explore and celebrate through a varied programme of events the myriad ways in which women have engaged with the arts. Integral to this annual programme is the Anna Jameson Lecture and the Women and the Arts Forum Conference, both of which invite renowned specialists, as well as experts at the National Gallery, to share their insightful research on the topic. Other aspects of the programme involve educational material, including informative videos for the public to learn about the fascinating and rich history of women associated with the Gallery.

So far, through these events the Forum has made important steps in researching women in the Gallery’s collection, as well as women copyists and artists-in-residence. As the programme progresses, further steps are being made to identify, document and share stories of women donors, art historians and employees at the Gallery. The core aim is to present a more complete historical narrative by considering women, addressing them within the composite frameworks of race, sexuality, religion and class. 

Further details about our aims and objectives can be found below.

Exchange Knowledge

  • Develop our knowledge, understanding and interpretations of women and the arts through an annual programme of research activities and in-person events.
  • Record and share compelling, cutting-edge research via free online publications related to these events.
  • Maintain partnerships that extend our understanding of exhibiting, collecting and researching women artists and arts professionals in new and exciting ways.

Grow our Network

  • Expand our free network of academic, museum and professional partners and organisations to collaborate and exchange ideas.
  • Forge lasting relationships between professionals at the National Gallery and those from other institutions.
  • Generate connections that offer network members new lines of possibility to collaborate on related projects, exhibitions and knowledge exchange activities.
  • Keep up to date on new and upcoming events and exhibitions related to Women and the Arts through our quarterly newsletter.

Produce Impactful Research

  • Share interesting and insightful stories about women working in the arts, reflecting diverse contemporary perspectives which support improved understanding of their importance in the history of gallery collections and operations.
  • Record and present new research about women artists, past and present, by specialists in the field.
  • Advocate and make available ongoing research on women and the arts to the widest possible audience by way of online educational material and videos.


The Women and the Arts Forum is generously supported by Professor Diane Apostolos-Cappadona in honour of her mother, Stacia Apostolos.