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In September 2021, Art in Flux presented ‘Transcendence’, an online event that explored how the old masters represented transcendental experiences in the past, how some contemporary media artists are doing it now, and how the art of transcendence could help alleviate some of the challenges of global isolation and disconnectedness in the future. Transcendence was an evening of existential enquiry comprised of presentations from artists, curators and researchers about the relationship of art with spiritual, mystical, and sublime experiences.

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  • Maria Almena, curator of ‘Transcendence’ | Independent multidisciplinary artist, curator at Art in Flux and creative director at Kimatica Studio.
  • Kimatica studio | Kimatica studio explores the intersection between the human body, live performance and interactive technology to create immersive transformative experiences that seek to dissolve the boundaries between illusion and reality.
  • Maja Petric | Artist creating immersive installations and dynamic sculptures that evoke the sublime in nature.
  • Katherine Templar-Lewis | Co-founder of Kinda Studios, a female-led creative science studio that translates neuroscience from the labs into creative experiences.
  • Carl Hayden Smith | Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) and Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Creativity & Technology, Ravensbourne University London.
  • Hosted by Ali Hossaini (Co-director, NGX), and Olive Gingrich and Aphra Shemza (Artists and Curators, Art in Flux)

About Art in Flux

Founded in 2016 at Light of Soho gallery in London by the artists Maria Almena, Olive Gingrich and Aphra Shemza, FLUX is a charitable organisation committed to furthering the development of the media arts community in the UK. As an artist-led forum, FLUX offers a space for collaboration and exchange as key artists and organisations come together to profile their work. Through talks, events, performance evenings, workshops and exhibitions, FLUX brings these ideas to the wider public - providing a fluid platform to discuss strategies, processes and collective themes within the media arts. FLUX is committed to the ever-changing needs of media artists working right now in the UK and will remain in a dynamic state of change in order to facilitate them.

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What is National Gallery X?

National Gallery X (NGX) is a partnership between the National Gallery and King's College London. It brings together King's College London’s research with the art and audiences of the Gallery to create the new museum experiences technology could make possible in the future.

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