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[Re]curated: Lucian Freud - The Artist’s Eye

Step back in time to 1987 and experience ‘The Artist’s Eye’ – an exhibition personally curated by artist Lucian Freud – through a virtual recreation. 

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Join curator Daniel F. Herrmann and researcher Isaac Nugent as they virtually tour the exhibition, examining Freud’s intriguing painting choices and unravelling the story behind the exhibition.  

Held at the National Gallery in the summer of 1987, ‘The Artist’s Eye’ invited Freud – one of the most fascinating artists of the 20th century – to handpick masterpieces from the Gallery’s collection for display alongside works of his own.  

[Re]curated is a new series of virtual exhibition recreations and films from the National Gallery exploring how digital tools can help us unveil exhibitions from the past, for both research and enjoyment. 

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