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Teachers' notes

These notes provide useful background information about our Take One Picture focus paintings and other works in the collection, with suggestions on how to use the paintings in the classroom.

Primary teachers' notes

'A Roman Triumph'
Peter Paul Rubens
'A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas'
Claude-Joseph Vernet
'An Autumn Landscape with a View of Het Steen'
Peter Paul Rubens
'An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump'
Joseph Wright 'of Derby’
'Bathers at Asnières'
Georges Seurat
'Madame de Pompadour at her Tambour Frame'
François-Hubert Drouais
'Men of the Docks'
George Bellows
'Mr and Mrs Andrews'
Thomas Gainsborough
'Penelope with the Suitors'
'Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil'
Bartolomé Bermejo
'Still Life with Drinking-Horn'
Willem Kalf
'The Battle of San Romano'
Paolo Uccello
'The Family of Darius before Alexander'
Paolo Veronese
'The Fighting Temeraire'
Joseph Mallord William Turner
'The Finding of Moses'
Orazio Gentileschi
'The Graham Children'
'The Hay Wain'
'The Marquise de Seignelay and Two of her Sons'
'The Stonemason's Yard'
The Stuff of Life
Touring Partnership Exhibition
Notes to accompany the exhibition 'The Stuff of Life' that toured in 2005
'The Umbrellas'
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
'The Water-Lily Pond'
'Tobias and the Angel'
Workshop of Verrocchio
'Two Boys and a Girl making Music'
Jan Molenaer

Secondary teachers' notes 

'Michael Landy: Saints Alive'
Exhibition guide
An introduction to the exhibition for students and teachers
'Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present'
Exhibition guide
An introduction to the exhibition for teachers and students