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Framed: 'The Umbrellas'

Pupils from Deansfield Primary School and Gordon Primary School in London were inspired by Renoir's The Umbrellas.

Letter of Persuasion
A letter of persuasion, as read below 
Framed: Letter of persuasion
Year 6 pupils at Deansfield Primary School ask the Gallery to put Umbrellas back on display – 1 min

To help prepare for their creative writing activity, pupils took part in playground activities.

pupils experimenting with umbrellas in the playground
Pupils at Deansfield Primary School 
Inspired by Umbrellas
An extract of a Year 5/6 child's writing from Gordon Primary School – 1 min

A Headteacher, John Camp, from Deansfield Primary School, describes how working with a painting raised the attainment levels of all his pupils.

Framed: Working from paintings
A head teacher explains the power of working from paintings – 2 mins
A Headteacher explains the power of working from paintings – 2 mins

Listen to the extracts from 'Framed' that inspired the children.

Storytelling: Unveiling 'Umbrellas'
Frank Cottrell Boyce reads a scene from 'Framed' in which Renoir's 'Umbrellas' is unpacked – 3 mins
Extract from 'Framed': 'The Umbrellas' is unpacked – 3 mins
Framed: Impact on Manod
Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce reads an extract from 'Framed', discussing the impact of the National Gallery's art on Manod – 3 mins
Extract from 'Framed': The impact of art on Manod – 3 mins