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Past exhibition

Virtual Veronese

A virtual reality experience

7 March – 18 April 2022

Admission free

Ground Floor Galleries | Gallery F

Many of the paintings you see on our walls would have originally hung in spaces that are very different to the gallery setting you see today. Paolo Veronese’s ‘The Consecration of Saint Nicholas’ was commissioned in 1561 as an altarpiece to hang in the church of San Benedetto al Po, near Mantua, Italy.

Through the use of virtual reality, you are invited to see what this painting would have looked like in its original setting and discover the story of its creation.

When you put on the headset, you will find yourself inside a digital reconstruction of the church of San Benedetto al Po. Your guide in this virtual world will either be Veronese’s patron and abbot of San Benedetto al Po, Andrea Asola; or Dr Rebecca Gill, our former Howard and Roberta Ahmanson Curator in Art and Religion, who researched the painting and its original setting. Both experiences will let you explore how the painting would have been seen in its original setting.


Commissioned by the National Gallery and StoryFutures
Developed and produced by Focal Point VR

Exhibition supported by

Howard and Roberta Ahmanson

Special thanks to

ScanLAB Projects for the 3D Capture, Mesh Optimisation of the Chapel of Saint Nicholas in the church of San Benedetto al Po and Ambisonic Sound Recording of the Veneti Cantores choir commissioned by the National Gallery.

Volograms for the volumetric 3D reconstruction of virtual characters.

Veneti Cantores for their performance of a piece of Gregorian chant at San Benedetto al Po. Performance: Dr Rebecca Gill as herself, Simon Victor as the novice monk and Grahame Fox as Abbot Asola.


StoryFutures project team

Professor James Bennett, Director; Professor Will Saunders, Chief Creative Officer; Dr Niki Strange, StoryLab Executive Producer.


StoryFutures research team

Andy Woods, Laryssa Whittaker, Polly Dalton, Mark Lycett, Isabelle Verhulst, John Roberts, Ian Ferris


The National Gallery project team

Dr Rebecca Gill, Ahmanson Curator in Art and Religion (August 2016 - March 2020)

Dr Susanna Avery-Quash, Senior Research Curator (History of Collecting)

Lawrence Chiles, Head of Digital Services

Belinda Phillpot, Head of Creative

Clementine Vaughan, Digital Project Management

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