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Past exhibition

15 November 2017 - 4 February 2018

Admission free
Location: Room 1

See all four versions of Gallen-Kallela's Lake Keitele; one of the most popular paintings in the National Gallery 

A leading figure in modern Finnish painting, Akseli Gallen-Kallela was mesmerised by the landscape of his native country throughout his life. In 1904, he spent the summer by Lake Keitele, in central Finland, painting its scenic shores and crystalline waters bathed in brilliant northern light.

For the first time in the UK, this exhibition unites all of Gallen-Kallela’s 'Lake Keitele' landscapes. They are displayed side by side, showing the gradual shift of the composition, between naturalistic landscape and highly stylised, abstracted image. They also illuminate the various influences, Finnish and foreign, absorbed by this highly distinctive and versatile artist.

The four 'Lake Keitele' feature alongside nine other works by Gallen-Kallela, including paintings, stained glass, and pastel, showing the genesis and meaning of this arresting series.

'Lake Keitele: A Vision of Finland’ is the National Gallery’s first exhibition devoted to Finnish painting and marks 100 years of Finland’s independence.

Exhibition supported by:

Mr Matthew Santos & Mrs Mary Kuusisto
Björn Savén
The Alfayed Charitable Foundation