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Have you ever wondered what the Gallery looks like empty of visitors?

Join Larry Keith, Head of Conservation and Keeper, for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Gallery and Conservation Studio during lockdown, and preview some of the paintings undergoing restoration: 

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Cleaning Rubens's 'Het Steen'
Find out what Larry Keith discovered when he removed 75 years’ worth of discoloured varnish from Rubens’s 'Het Steen'
A structural repair of Rubens's 'Het Steen'
How will Britta New meet the challenge of repairing Rubens's fragile panel which has survived centuries' worth of restorations and one very severe frost?
Retouching Rubens's 'Het Steen'
After months of restoration, Larry Keith unveils the newly retouched 'Het Steen' in the Conservation Studio
Larry Keith reveals an exciting discovery about Piazzetta's unfinished work, 'The Sacrifice of Isaac', and explains the plan for the painting's restoration
Restoring an 'undisplayable' painting: Part two
How do you restore a work with a 'snowstorm' of painting loss?
Restoring the Gallery's oldest painting
Kristina Mandy shows the steps involved in restoring a painting that is over 750-years-old
Wall art for your home
Create your own bespoke print of 'A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning'
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