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Robert William Sievier

1794 - 1865

Robert William Sievier was a sculptor and inventor. From 1822 to 1844 he primarily concentrated on sculpture, producing over 50 portrait busts and statues for the Royal Academy. Born in London on 24 July 1794, he won the Society of Arts silver medal for drawing in 1812. He trained as an engraver under John Young and Edward Scriven. From 1818 he trained at the Royal Academy schools. At the same time, he studied anatomy as a foundation for modelling his sculptures.

His monuments are of an unusual design, showing great charm and delicacy in thier carving. He exhibited busts of important figures such as Sir Thomas Lawrence and Edward Janner. He also produced works based on mythological and literary subjects.

In 1830 he changed his career direction and began to focus upon manufacturing materials. He was associated with the manufacture of India-rubber, wireless telegraphy and with experiments with iron manufacture in Germany, Belgium, and France. Rupert Gunnis notes that: "it is sad to think that he did not take to sculpture until he was 30 and that he abandoned it before he was 50".