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Carlo Saraceni

1579 - 1620

Saraceni was the leading Venetian follower of Caravaggio. His small paintings on copper, like 'Moses defending the Daughters of Jethro', are also indebted to Elsheimer, notably in the landscapes.

Saraceni was trained in his native city of Venice before moving to Rome, probably in 1598. In Rome he came directly under the influence of Elsheimer, as well as of Caravaggio and his followers, notably Orazio Gentileschi, who had come to Rome from Tuscany. In 1613 Saraceni was in Mantua, where he worked for the ducal court, but he returned to Venice about 1619 and died there in the following year.

His larger paintings are more evidently marked by the realism of Caravaggio and his followers.