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National Gallery Curatorial Traineeships

National Gallery Curatorial Traineeships 201920 

Corinna Henderson and Jemma Craig were selected to join the 201920 National Gallery Curatorial Traineeship Programme with Art Fund support and with the assistance of the Vivmar Foundation. 

Corinna Henderson and Gemma Craig were selected to join the 2019-20 National Gallery Curatorial Traineeship programme with Art Fund support and with the assistance of the Vivmar Foundation.

Two new trainees, Jemma Craig and Corinna Henderson, began six months of on-the-job curatorial training at the National Gallery, London, before starting their respective positions at Southampton City Art Gallery and Museums Sheffield. 

Launched in 2011, the Curatorial Traineeship Programme was established jointly by the National Gallery and Art Fund to address the need for object and collections-based expertise and to nurture the next generation of curators. 

Jemma Craig is on secondment at Southampton City Art Gallery, building on its longstanding relationship with the National Gallery, and resulting in an exhibition that will bring fresh perspectives to key European paintings in the Collection. The exhibition 'Creating a National Collection: The Partnership between Southampton City Art Gallery and the National Gallery' runs from 28 May to 4 September 2021. 

Jemma Craig read English Literature with Linguistics at the University of Westminster and 20th and 21st century Literature at the University of Southampton. She formerly worked as a Museum and Gallery Attendant and assisted with exhibitions research and installation at Southampton City Art Gallery. Jemma has a keen interest in historic European paintings.  

Creating a National Collection #1 – Introducing Jemma 

Corinna Henderson has a BA in History of Art and Film from Manchester Metropolitan University and is studying for her MA History of Art part-time at Birkbeck, University of London. She has undertaken a number of museum and gallery internships and was awarded a Venice Biennale Research Fellowship from the British Council in partnership with Birkbeck.  

Corinna’s secondment to Museums Sheffield provides her with an opportunity to research the Graves Art Gallery’s collection of 19th-century paintings, resulting in public outcomes that will combine the critical re-interpretation of conventional narratives with contemporary perspectives.