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Gender Equality Scheme

  1. Interim Gender Equality Scheme
  2. Equal pay
  3. Training and development

Interim Gender Equality Scheme


The gender equality duty for public bodies was introduced by the Equalities Act 2006 on the 6 April 2007 and places a statutory duty on public bodies to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment in relation to gender

  • Promote equality of opportunity between women and men

This ‘general’ duty applies to the Gallery in respect of all functions and activities including service provision, policy making, employment practices and the procurement of services.

The legislation includes a specific duty which requires public bodies such as the Gallery to prepare and publish a gender equality scheme which sets out what we will do to meet the general duty. In preparing a scheme the Gallery needs to:

  • Set out its gender equality objectives and when formulating objectives consider the need to address the causes of any gender pay gap

  • Take into account any information gathered on how our policies and procedures affect gender equality in the workforce and in the delivery of services

  • Consult stakeholders (employees, service users and others, including trade unions) and take account of relevant information in order to determine the gender equality objectives

  • Assess the impact of current and proposed policies and practices on gender equality

  • Implement the actions set out in the scheme within three years, unless it is unreasonable or impractical to do so

  • Report progress annually and review the scheme at least every three years


Overall responsibility for equality and diversity issues lies with the Director of the Gallery. Responsibility for providing leadership on access rests with the Head of Education and with the Head of Human Resources for workforce issues.

Additionally, each member of staff has responsibility to act in ways that support equality and value diversity. From now on this will be a standard inclusion in our job descriptions.

Gender equality objectives

Our commitment to equality and diversity is reflected in our practice internally and in all aspects of our influence and work. Equality and diversity are central to the Gallery’s activities, from providing intellectual and physical access to galleries and the Collection, to inclusiveness in respect of recruitment and employment.

We value and respect difference and diversity. We believe that everyone who comes into contact with the National Gallery should be treated in a fair and respectful maanner, irrespective of gender, religion, marital and partnership status, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation or age.

As an employer the Gallery is committed to building and maintaining an environment in which diversity among colleagues is valued and in which discrimination and harassment is not tolerated.

Through the objectives and actions set out in this scheme we seek to achieve the following overall gender equality objectives:

  • Ensure that best practice in equalities underpins all aspects of the Gallery’s work

  • Promote good practice and report to stakeholders, wherever appropriate, on issues of gender equality identified by our surveys and analyses

  • Ensure that all of our internal processes, including corporate planning and policy development, specifically promote gender equality and eliminate discrimination and harassment
  • Ensure that talent is recognised and valued irrespective of gender

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