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Smartify app

Explore the collection with your smartphone

Download the free Smartify app and receive information about paintings in the collection on your smartphone. 

To use Smartify in the Gallery, hold your smartphone up towards a painting and detailed information about the work will appear on-screen.

You can also save paintings you have scanned to your smartphone into a personal digital collection which you can share with others signed up to the platform.


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Hidden Florence 3D app (iOS only)

Experience an Italian altarpiece in its original setting by making the lost Florentine church of San Pier Maggiore reappear around you at home or in front of the altarpiece at the Gallery. 

For the best experience, download the free app and stand in front of Jacopo de Cione's altarpiece, open the app and follow the instructions. The app also works away from the Gallery.

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Find out more

Visit for more information about this app and project including a short film documenting how the lost church was reconstructed.