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Vincenzo Foppa's 'Adoration of the Kings'

Jill Dunkerton and Carol Plazzotta
Technical Bulletin Volume 22, 2001


The support consists of three large and one narrower panel, with a priming of calcium sulfate dihydrate in glue and a thin gray imprimatura.

The underdrawing is described in detail. Pastiglia and sgraffito were used, the latter in egg tempera, though oil medium was used for much of the smooth paint.

Techniques of flesh painting and the effects of old retouchings, minor compositional changes, and colour changes are discussed in detail, through pigment analysis.


artists' materials, painting techniques, panel paintings, Vincenzo Foppa

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Vincenzo Foppa's 'Adoration of the Kings', Jill Dunkerton and Carol Plazzotta (PDF 11.07MB)

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