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Technical Bulletin Volume 26

Technical Bulletin Volume 26, 2005

These articles were first published in print in 2005 and have been made available to download for free from 2011. 


The Evolution of Rubens's 'Judgement of Paris' (NG194)
Lois Oliver, Fiona Healy, Ashok Roy and Rachel Billinge
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 15.2MB)

The Design Practices of the Dutch Architectural Painter Bartholomeus van Bassen
Axel Rüger and Rachel Billinge
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 12.49MB)

Mazo's 'Queen Mariana of Spain in Mourning'
Paul Ackroyd, Dawson Carr and Marika Spring
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 7.5MB)

Investigation of Pigment-Medium Interaction Processes in Oil Paint containing Degraded Smalt
Marika Spring, Catherine Higgitt and David Saunders
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 4.65MB)

The Technology of Red Lake Pigment Manufacture: Study of the Dyestuff Substrate
Jo Kirby, Marika Spring and Catherine Higgitt
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 5.56MB)

Analyses of Paint Media: New Studies of Italian Paintings of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Catherine Higgitt and Raymond White
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 4.01MB)

All articles have been peer reviewed by specialists outside the National Gallery.

All contributors are members of the National Gallery’s curatorial, scientific or conservation departments, unless otherwise stated.

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