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Six Paintings by Corot: Methods, Materials and Sources

Sarah Herring
Technical Bulletin Volume 30, 2009


This article presents the results of wide-ranging scientific examination of six paintings from the Gallery’s collection of Corots, starting with the earliest, The Roman Campagna, with the Claudian Aqueduct, painted during the artist’s first visit to Italy in 1825–8, and finishing with the latest, Landscape at Arleux-du-Nord, completed by the artist just a few months before his death in 1875. Each of the paintings in question is examined in detail, and issues such as his method of working are discussed, including his habitual reworking of pictures. Corot’s early use of viridian in Landscape in the Roman Campagna is published for the first time.


Arleux-du-Nord, Avignon, brushwork, Corot, Douai, Lormes, media, Morvan, Pannetier, pigment, Pivot, Roman Campagna, viridian

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