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Perugino's 'Virgin and Child with Saint John'

David Bomford 
Technical Bulletin Volume 1, 1977


The article begins with a brief survey of what is known of the history of Perugino's Virgin and Child with Saint John. A section follows which is concerned with the condition of the picture prior to cleaning. The X-radiographs are discussed, which suggested that at one time the picture may have had a rounded top, subsequently cut and made into a rectangle by the addition of corners. The X-ray mosaic also showed evidence for alterations in the composition at the bottom of the picture, in the region of the parapet.

Details of the cleaning tests are given, which show, amongst other things, that the drapery of Saint John was not original and that part of the parapet was false. Following a section on the restoration and framing, the author suggests possible explanations for the alterations that were found. There are illustrations of the panel before, during, and following cleaning and restoration, as well as an X-ray mosaic.


cleaning, MS2A, paintings, Paraloid B-72, Perugino, poplar wood, radiography, resin

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