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Gossaert's 'Adoration of the Kings'

Rachel Billinge, Lorne Campbell, Jill Dunkerton, Susan Foister, Jo Kirby, Jennie Pilc, Ashok Roy, Marika Spring and Raymond White
Technical Bulletin Volume 18, 1997


Gossaert's biographical details are summarised. The materials used in this painting on oak panel are typical for the Netherlands in the 1510s, with a medium of linseed oil, with pine resin added for a red glaze. The article concentrates on a study of the complex underdrawing of The Adoration of the Kings and the changes made as the composition evolved, on a description of the drapery painting, and on the techniques used for portraying gold.  Many of the techniques look back to the mid-15th century.


artists' materials, Jan Gossaert, painting techniques, panel paintings

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