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Close Examination

Scientists, conservators and art historians uncover fakes, mistakes and discoveries from the National Gallery Collection


A blonde's dark secret


Find out about the secrets lying underneath the paint

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Past exhibition

Close Examination: Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries

Sainsbury Wing: 30 June – 12 September

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Deception and deceit

From innocent misrepresentation to cunning forgery

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Downgraded attributions

When the experts got it wrong, and how their mistakes were disovered

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Detecting changes

Uncovering transformations and modifications from the past

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Great art puzzles

The secrets hidden in Old Master paintings

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Being Botticelli

Correct attribution?

Knowing the difference: a tale of two paintings

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Masterpieces recovered

Paintings restored to their former glory

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Technical Bulletin

The latest research by curators, scientists and conservators

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