Cavalry attacking Infantry

Wouwermans' battle scenes were almost certainly never intended to represent specific engagements. Another version of this picture (St Petersburg, Hermitage) was, however, described as showing a battle between Poles and Swedes. The horsemen advancing from the left have fur-trimmed caps and curved swords, and the figure in the centre wields a battle hammer. Their opponents have blue flags, which may be intended to be the Swedish colours. The two countries were at war from 1655 to 1660: the Swedes invaded Poland but despite early successes were eventually driven out.

Key facts

Artist dates
1619 - 1668
Full title
Cavalry attacking Infantry
Date made
Medium and support
Oil on oak
33.4 x 63.1 cm
Inscription summary
Acquisition credit
Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876
Inventory number
Location in Gallery