A Man and a Youth ploughing with Oxen

This landscape was probably painted at about the same time as a very similar work by Berchem that is dated 1653 and is now in Vienna (Akademie). The dating is also supported by the form of the signature, which Berchem used until the mid-1650s but rarely later.

This painting was owned by the French artist François Boucher in the mid-18th century. There are several paintings by Boucher in the National Gallery Collection.

Key facts

Artist dates
1620 - 1683
Full title
A Man and a Youth ploughing with Oxen
Date made
probably 1650-5
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
38.2 x 51.5 cm
Inscription summary
Acquisition credit
Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876
Inventory number
Location in Gallery