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Key facts
Full title Glass Vase with Flowers, with a Poppy and a Finch Nest
Artist Jan van Huysum
Artist dates 1682 - 1749
Date made about 1720-21
Medium and support Oil on canvas
Dimensions 41 × 34 cm
Inscription summary Signed
Acquisition credit On loan from the collection of Janice and Brian Capstick
Inventory number L1209
Location Room 28
Art route(s) B
Image copyright On loan from the collection of Janice and Brian Capstick, © © Photo courtesy of the owner
Collection Main Collection
Glass Vase with Flowers, with a Poppy and a Finch Nest
Jan van Huysum

The roses in the foreground of this painting, shown in various stages of development, and the poppy anemones in several shades, may have come from van Huysum’s own garden in Amsterdam, which was supplied by flower-growers from nearby Haarlem.

Note how the light passes through the bouquet, creating an unprecedented sense of space. Along a main diagonal axis going from the lower left to the upper right, flowers show subtle distinctions of colour and texture, with variations on white and pink. Van Huysum’s love for his work is perfectly shown by the nuances of green in younger and older leaves, as well as in the clear drops of water that are painted on the leaves. The artist’s accurate depiction of each specimen ensures that even the mosses in the finch’s nest are identifiable.

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