The Madonna and Child with Saints

Saint James at the left has a pilgrim's hat thrown over his shoulder - the hat badge features his shell, a cross and Veronica's veil. Beside him is Saint Jerome wearing cardinal's robes - his lion seems to be creating havoc in the background. Saint Catherine of Alexandria at the right holds part of the wheel upon which she was tortured. The coat of arms above the door in the background appears indecipherable. Below it and to the right are traces of cabalistic characters on the wall.

This painting was formerly ascribed to Palma Vecchio, who died in 1528. But it is looser and coarser in handling than paintings by him and is now generally dated to a relatively early phase of Bonifazio's career.

Key facts

Artist dates
1487 - 1553
Full title
The Madonna and Child with Saints James the Greater, Jerome, the Infant Baptist and Catherine of Alexandria
Date made
about 1530
Medium and support
Oil on wood
73 x 116.8 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1886
Inventory number
Location in Gallery