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Have a question about Membership? This section answers frequently asked questions, by our Members.


How can I reset my password?

If you registered before August 2019 you'll need to update your password.

To reset your password please click here and select "Reset or forgot password". We will then ask you to enter the email address which is associated with your National Gallery account.

We will then send you an email with a link to update your password. 

When choosing a new password please make sure it is at least 6 characters long and includes 1 uppercase letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number and 1 special character (? or !)



Can I change my Membership type?

Yes. To benefit from free guest entry for exhibitions and events or to add a Joint Member, upgrade your Membership by visiting us in the Gallery at one of our desks or calling the Membership Team on 020 7747 2850.

How do I renew my Membership?

You can renew your Membership online, sign in to your Membership account using your email address and password and follow the links to Membership. Or call the Membership Team on 020 7747 2850.

If you pay by Direct Debit your Membership will be renewed automatically each year at the discounted rate (you will receive notice in advance of your renewal).

What is the difference between Joint Membership and Member and Guest?

Joint Membership is for two named persons who live at the same address. Both Members will receive a named Membership card.

Member & Guest will receive one named Membership card, and the Member can bring any guest. The Member must be present with the guest at all times.

Do you have concessionary Memberships?

We do not offer concessions on Memberships. We do however have four different membership types: Member, Joint Member, Member & Guest, Joint Member & Guests. You can save £10 if you pay by Direct Debit.

Do Members need carer tickets?

Members who require a free carer ticket can book one online through the specific exhibition page. Sign in to your account and select a Disabled Person’s Carer ticket.

Alternatively, Members can collect one on the day of their visit from our desks.

Gift Membership - purchase and delivery

Gift Memberships can be purchased online, at the Gallery or by phoning the Membership Team on 020 7747 2850.

If you purchase a Gift Membership online we will send you an email which you can share with the recipient. This email explains how they can activate their Membership and start enjoying the benefits straightaway.

Alternatively, if you purchase a Gift Membership at the Gallery, we will give you a pack which has a welcome booklet and letter inside which explains how the recipient can activate their Membership and start enjoying the benefits straightaway.

I have been given a Gift Membership. What do I do?

Gift Membership needs to be activated by the recipient online by following the instructions inside the gift box. The Membership card will be posted out following activation.

To activate a Gift Membership, you will need the unique activation code, printed on the sticker, on your Gift Membership box. This unique code is important so please keep it safe. We are not able to reissue a code if it is lost or misplaced.
Membership starts from the date of activation and you will be able to access all the Membership benefits. You will receive your permanent card approximately 15 working days after you have activated your Membership.

A confirmation email will be sent once you have activated your Membership, this is proof of your Membership until your new Membership card arrives in the post.

Please note: Gift Membership must be activated within three months of the date of purchase.

My Gift Membership Activation code isn’t working?

The activation code is made up of both letters and numbers, so please make sure you have typed the code correctly.

Alternatively you can contact the Membership team by email at or phone 020 7747 2850.