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Past exhibition

Take One Picture 2022

9 June – 11 September 2022

Admission free

Sunley Room

This exhibition has now closed, but you can still explore the exhibition online

As part of our annual Take One Picture programme, primary schools from across the UK responded creatively to 'The Finding of Moses' by Orazio Gentileschi.

The painting shows a scene from the Old Testament (Exodus 2:2-10), where Pharaoh's daughter discovers baby Moses, hidden in a basket amongst bulrushes on the River Nile.

Gentileschi’s painting was chosen for the cross-curricular themes and subjects which can be explored, such as rivers, journeys, fashion, gesture, and family.

Featuring works by children from 30 different primary schools, the exhibition showcased the richness of children's creative responses to Gentileschi’s painting – from woven baskets and handmade jewellery, to painted landscapes and animals of the Nile.

Artwork by children aged 7–9, Yewstock School, Dorset ©️ National Gallery, London

Exhibition generously supported by

Columbia Threadneedle Foundation

The Sunley Room exhibition programme is supported by the Bernard Sunley Foundation

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