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The ballets – 'Metamorphosis: Titian 2012'

Three new ballets inspired by Titian: ‘Machina’, ‘Trespass’ and ‘Diana and Actaeon’

Three contemporary artists teamed up with composers and choreographers to produce the dance pieces in response to three Titian paintings depicting the Diana myth.

Watch excerpts of the performance on 16 July

The Royal Ballet

Metamorphosis: Titian 2012
'Machina', 'Trespass' and 'Diana and Actaeon' - 10 mins 21 secs

The creative teams

Choreographers: Kim Brandstrup and Wayne McGregor, designs: Conrad Shawcross, composer: Nico Muhly

Choreographers: Alastair Marriott and Christopher Wheeldon, designs: Mark Wallinger, composer: Mark Anthony Turnage

'Diana and Actaeon'
Choreographers: Liam Scarlett,  William Tuckett and Jonathan Watkins, designs: Chris Ofili, composer: Jonathan Dove, librettist: Alaisdair Middleton, singers: Andrew Rees and Kim Sheehan

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