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Past exhibition

18 November 2009 – 21 February 2010

Admission free
Location: Sunley Room

‘The Hoerengracht’ (1983–8), by American artists Ed and Nancy Kienholz, will transform the Sunley Room into a walk-through evocation of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

This highly polemical tableau explores a theme that has been investigated by artists over many centuries and echoes visual traditions well established within European art.

Recalling in particular the Dutch masters of the 17th century, which are strongly represented in the National Gallery, ‘The Hoerengracht’ recreates the brick walls, glowing windows and mysterious doorways of Amsterdam’s claustrophobic streets. At the same time, the half-dressed, garishly lit mannequins of ‘The Hoerengracht’ reveal a theatre of grim sociology, filled with the most vulgar, ugly and ramshackle aspects of society.

Exhibition film
Kienholz: The Hoerengracht
Extract from the exhibition film - 4 mins 56 secs

Made in their Berlin studio, ‘Te Hoerengracht’ was one of the last major pieces made by the Kienholzes before Ed died in 1994. Their work remains a major reference point for contemporary artists such as Mike Kelly, Paul McCarthy, Mike Nelson and Damien Hirst.


Supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund