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Past exhibition

18 February – 5 June 2011

Admission free

To complement the exhibition Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance, the National Gallery is hosting a display introducing one of Gossaert's contemporaries.

Jan de Beer (about 1475 – before 1528) worked in a style known as Antwerp Mannerism, which Gossaert was associated with during his early career.

Antwerp Mannerism

Antwerp Mannerism broke with the tradition of early 15th-century Netherlandish painting by introducing figures in expressive poses and setting them within elaborate architectural spaces. Characteristically, these blended Gothic and Italian Renaissance ornamental elements.

About Jan de Beer

Jan de Beer is considered to have been the leading artist among the Antwerp Mannerists. There are, however, difficulties in securely identifying de Beer’s works. This selection of paintings and drawings provides a unique opportunity to explore work related to the artist.

'Jan de Beer: Antwerp Mannerist' includes a rarely exhibited altarpiece, shown alongside the results of the National Gallery’s recent technical examinations of this work.