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NG Stories: Making a National Gallery


Gallery B

Immerse yourself in 200 years of extraordinary National Gallery stories. 

From a resident family of 11 and an intrepid travelling agent to ground-breaking scientists and a wartime pianist, NG Stories tells the history of the National Gallery through the people who made us what we are today.

There’s a slate mine in Wales where paintings were safely stored during the Second World War. A guard dog called Rex who became a member of staff. And a Keeper’s family, with nine children, who lived in the building and kept diaries.

You’ll discover some of the untold personal stories of the Gallery and the special memories we have been privileged to help create for our visitors. From childhood adventures to life-changing first art encounters, our visitors have always been at the heart of what we do.

Through magical soundscapes and light interactions, you'll experience the work of the many people here at the Gallery who help to care for the paintings and see how this work has changed over the years.

This experience, both online and in the Gallery, uses digital technology to tell you the unexpected human stories which have shaped the past and present of our 200-year history.


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Be part of our future

We wouldn’t be here without our visitors, both near and far.

We want to know your NG Story and include you in a dedicated part of the NG Stories experience.

We will also select some of your stories to be featured in the new Sainsbury Wing when it reopens.

Your story can be anything you want to share with us about your memories of the National Gallery. That might be a fond memory, a first visit, something that caught your imagination and inspired you, or a favourite painting.

Your contributions will become part of our story.

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Your National Gallery stories


Surprised by a tiger

Childhood memories of sitting cross-legged in front of Rousseau's tiger.

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A first, life-enriching art encounter

Opening a door to another, behind-the-scenes world.

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The Scrapbook

How a pamphlet and a painting helped connect a family through art.

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