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Loan standards

Standards and Practical Guidelines for Loans between National and Non-national Museums

The national museums are committed to improving access to the 'national collection' not only through exhibition, display, reference and research within their own institutions, but also by lending objects from their collections to publicly funded museums all over the UK.

This document, commissioned by the National Museum Directors' Council in September 2001 publicly makes the commitment to improving access to the 'national collection' by setting out standards that national museums will seek to meet relating to loans to museums within the UK.

The document also addresses the loan process in more detail and sets out practical guidance on steps both borrower and lender can take to facilitate the process and make best use of the resources available.


Loans between National and Non-National Museums 
Standards and Practical Guidelines [PDF 384k – opens in a new window]

Accessible text-only version [PDF 72k – opens in a new window]


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