Draw breath: Drawing as a mindful activity

Date and time

Saturday 13 May, 2–4pm

Pigott Education Centre Entrance

Karly Allen and Sue Bolton


£34/£32 conc. /£28 Members

Experience the golden light and rolling landscape of Rubens’s View of Het Steen in the Early Morning in this mindful drawing workshop.

Be guided in basic mindfulness techniques to help you find a place of inner calm within the bustling spaces of the Gallery.

How can mindfulness support my drawing?
Drawing can help quieten our busy minds and make us more aware of the present moment. When we draw mindfully, we connect with our breathing's rhythm and the physical sensation of drawing. We look closely and put pencil on paper without any self-judgement, helping us to rediscover our love of drawing as playful, pleasurable, and intuitive.
What painting will we look at?
We will immerse ourselves in Rubens’s 'View of Het Steen in the Early Morning', imagining the sensation of being in this light-filled, autumnal landscape. In doing so we can step outside of our busy lives to imagine a moment of tranquillity, surrounded by nature.
Will we be learning to draw?
The aim is to learn to enjoy drawing. To help us achieve this we will put aside ideas about drawing as requiring accuracy and mental exertion. Instead, we will relearn how to be intuitive and playful in our mark-making, exploring the sensation of the motion of drawing, and the tactile qualities of making marks on paper.
I haven't drawn for years – is this workshop for me?
Yes! Everyone can draw. Mindfulness practice helps us to let go of inner-criticism and to feel good about drawing.
What will we be drawing?
You will be guided through a series of simple drawing exercises and will use a variety of basic materials. After some initial basic mindfulness practice, we will get to know 'Het Steen' through looking and drawing. We will focus on the process rather than the end product. Your drawings may represent what we see in the painting or they may be abstract expressions, inspired by your sense of being immersed in the painting.
Do I need to have had previous experience of drawing, mindfulness or meditation?
This session is suitable for beginners, as well as those looking to develop their practice.
Will the tutors provide guidance?
Yes. Being led by a tutor through a series of mindful drawing exercises frees us from controlling the end product, enabling us to simply draw.  
Do I need to bring anything?
All materials are provided. Just bring your enthusiasm and an open mind!

Image above: Peter Paul Rubens, An Autumn Landscape with a View of Het Steen in the Early Morning, probably 1636