The green hour: Absinthe and Impressionism

Date and time

Friday 30 September, 6.30–8.30pm

Sainsbury Wing Conference Room 1

Ted Breaux and Jo Rhymer  


£26/£24 conc./£22 Members

Absinthe, or 'the green fairy', fuelled 19th-century French artistic creativity. Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec drank this wormwood liquor heavily, while Manet and Degas made it the subject of their paintings.

Discover the scandalous history and enduring mystique of absinthe with master distiller Ted Breaux, and explore Manet's Corner of a Café-Concert in a talk by Jo Rhymer. For those who would like to sample this alcoholic drink, we close with an absinthe tasting, sponsored by Sip Or Mix.

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Enjoy art with others over a drink. Gallery experts and invited speakers offer fresh perspectives on the collection.

Over-18s only.

Image above: Detail from Edouard Manet, Corner of a Café-Concert, probably 1878–80