The world of Impressionism

Date and time

Saturday 25 February, 11am–4pm

Sainsbury Wing Theatre

Frances Fowle, Anna Gruetzner-Robins, Christopher Riopelle, Jo Rhymer & MaryAnne Stevens


£20/£18 conc./£16 Members/£10 students

Towards the end of the 19th century, many artists around the world shared a fascination with effects of colour and sunlight; experimenting with painting outdoors; and capturing scenes of modern life in vivid colours and loose brushstrokes.

In some countries, an Impressionist art movement developed as a direct result of strong French influence; in others, comparable artistic traditions evolved in parallel with French Impressionism. Impressionism allowed artists to explore burgeoning national self-consciousness through landscape painting.

This in-focus day explores the international dimension of Impressionism, highlighting the work of the French Impressionists, alongside groups of regional painters in America, Australia, Britain, Denmark, and Italy, who were practising their own brand of Impressionism.

Image above: Detail from: George Bellows, Men of the Docks, 1912