Body and beauty: Mindful drawing

Saturday  9, 16 & 23 February, 11am–4pm

Pigott Education Centre Foyer

Clare Barton-Harvey


Explore drawing the body, taking inspiration from diverse life models and paintings spanning five centuries

Over five sessions, mindfulness expert and artist Clare Barton-Harvey will help hone your drawing skills, offer playful ways to stimulate your creativity, and guide you in basic mindfulness practice.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or drawing the body, or are keen to develop your practice in new ways, this course aims to open our eyes to cultural perceptions of beauty, challenge judgements and assumptions we find there, and cultivate new ‘ways of seeing’ and appreciating the world around us. 

All materials provided.

Programme overview

Each week we will begin with an introduction to selected paintings, discussion, mindful looking and drawing in the Gallery. Afternoons are focussed around guided mindfulness practice and life drawing in our workshop.

Week 3: Saturday 9 February
Through whose eyes?
How do cultural views and attitudes influence our perception of beauty? We take a close look at Rubens’s The Judgment of Paris and consider how we can choose to make up our own minds, unswayed by social norms.

Week 4: Saturday 16 February
Strange Beauty
In this session, we explore different perspectives on the strange, quirky and interesting, taking inspiration from Quinten Massys’s An Old Woman ('The Ugly Duchess') and Cranach’s Cupid Complaining to Venus.

Week 5: Saturday 23 February
Ordinary Beauty
We conclude by reflecting on beauty in everyday life, taking a close look at Rembrandt’s Portrait of Margaretha de Geer, Wife of Jacob Trip.

Tutor’s biography

Clare Barton-Harvey has been practising drawing and mindfulness for over 24 years. She trained at the Royal Drawing School and is a freelance drawing and mindfulness tutor, based in London. She is fascinated by the relationship between mindfulness and creativity, which inspires both her teaching work and her own artistic practice.