Learning through Paintings

For teachers

This event was held from 29 July 2013 to 2 August 2013

Monday 29th July 2013
Tuesday 30th July 2013
Wednesday 31st July 2013
Thursday 1st August 2013
Friday 2nd August 2013

£480 per teacher; 20 places available.

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Module overview

There will be ten 2.5 hour sessions taught over the space of a week. Sessions will take the form of presentations, discussion, collaborative tasks and practical workshops.

Each day will take a different focus:

  • Fostering engagement: developing a practical pedagogy
  • The Gallery experience and the impact of curatorial and interpretation decisions
  • The National Gallery collection as inspiration for contemporary artists
  • National Gallery paintings as catalysts for cross-curricular enquiry

At the end of the week participants will be asked to give a ten-minute presentation to a small peer group. The process will enable them to apply their learning from the week. The task will be explained and supported during the week, as well as time given for preparation.

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