KS3–5 workshop: Making colour

Wednesday 21 February, 10am–2pm

Pigott Education Centre Foyer

To book, please email school bookings on SchoolBookings@ng-london.org.uk

Maximum number of pupils: 30 per time slot

Cancellation policy: Workshops are free. However, please note that there is a charge of £150 for cancellations received less than 28 days before the date of the workshop.

This study day supports the Art and Design curriculum by increasing pupils' proficiency in the handling of different materials such as gold leaf and egg tempera and experimenting with pigments such as ultramarine.

Working with paintings from before the 1500s, pupils will spend the first part of the study day visually analysing works by artists such as Fra Angelico and Alesso Baldovinetti. Guided by a practising artist, pupils will investigate the materials, techniques and processes used during this period.

Observations made in the gallery will be extended by practical application and experimentation with techniques to create an egg tempera painting.

Image above: Pigment and paint © The National Gallery, London