EYFS workshop: Musical threads

Date and time

Thursday 8 December, 10–11.30am


Please email school bookings on SchoolBookings@ng-london.org.uk

Cancellation policy: Workshops are free. However, please note that there is a charge of £150 for cancellations received less than 28 days before the date of the workshop.

This session introduces early years pupils to looking at and enjoying paintings through storytelling, music, and making. It is designed for reception and primary groups at KS1 with the aim of developing skills in listening and communicating and developing dexterity. The session supports strands of the Early Years Foundation Stage with specific emphasis on Reception pupils.

The workshop begins with a lively retelling of the Greek myth 'Penelope and the Suitors'. Ideas, characters, and elements of the story are brought to life through music, sound, and singing. Penelope's weaving becomes arpeggios on a harp; the animals in the painting meow, roar, and chirp; and the children sing the 'Song of the Sirens' from Odysseus' journey, accompanied by the guitar.

Materials used in the weaving workshop are subtly introduced throughout the storytelling and the use of language emphasizes repetition to mirror the action of weaving. Each child will be provided with a crosspiece for a simple weaving support and a selection of different materials to weave during the workshop.  

Maximum number of pupils: 30