EYFS/KS1 workshop: Sculpting stories

Wednesday 4 July, 12.30–2.30pm

Pigott Education Centre Foyer

To book, please email school bookings on SchoolBookings@ng-london.org.uk

Maximum number of pupils: 30 per time slot

Cancellation policy: Workshops are free. However, please note that there is a charge of £150 for cancellations received less than 28 days before the date of the workshop.

This session introduces early years to looking at and enjoying paintings through storytelling, music, and making. It is designed for reception and primary school students at KS1 with the aim of developing skills in listening, communicating, and developing dexterity. The session supports strands of the Early Years Foundation Stage with specific emphasis on reception pupils.

The workshop begins with a lively journey through a landscape painting from the National Gallery Collection. Ideas, characters, and elements of the story are brought to life through objects, sound, and singing. Guided by a specialist storyteller, pupils develop their movement and coordination skills through drama and handling objects. Creating an open dialogue will encourage pupils to listen and confidently explore and communicate ideas.

Concepts explored through the painting are further developed in a clay sculpting workshop. Pupils experiment with mark-making and explore the qualities of using clay on a flat surface. Segments of clay act as a sculptural equivalent to the surface of the painting, on which pupils can use relief techniques to press, scrape, scoop, and build.