Caravaggio: 'A Life Sacred and Profane'

Date and time

Friday 21 October, 6.30–8pm

Sainsbury Wing Theatre

Andrew Graham-Dixon



£9/£8 conc./£7 Members


Caravaggio lived the darkest and most dangerous life of any of the great painters.

Join leading art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon as he answers questions that have long puzzled scholars, such as his involvement in a fateful duel and the extraordinary circumstances of his own death.In this fascinating lecture, he reveals how Caravaggio created such drama, immediacy and humanity in his paintings, which depart from the conventions of his time.

Andrew Graham-Dixon

Andrew Graham-Dixon is author of 'Caravaggio: A Life Sacred Profane', published in 2010 by Penguin books.

Image above: Andrew Graham-Dixon © Margarita Mirabella