Caravaggio and his legacy

Date and time

Monday 31 October, 11am–4pm

Sainsbury Wing Conference Room 1

Siân Walters


£28/£24 concessions/£22 Members


Caravaggio was one of the most dynamic and influential artists of all time, famed for his dramatic lighting, powerful realism, and revolutionary approach to storytelling.

This one-day course examines Caravaggio’s work and its impact on the art of his contemporaries and followers, both in Italy and further afield.



The morning session explores Caravaggio’s life and works, from early Lombard influences and his training under Simone Peterzano, to his meteoric rise to fame in Rome; his dramatic fall from grace following the murder of Ranuccio Tomassoni in May 1606; and the subsequent four years spent on the run in Sicily, Malta, and Naples.

Caravaggio’s paintings in the National Gallery will be used to structure the talk, which focuses on the various stages of his career.

1–2pm Lunch


The afternoon session considers Caravaggio’s influence with a special focus on the Utrecht Caravaggisti of the 17th century. We also examine the fascinating detective story leading to the rediscovery of Caravaggio’s 'Taking of Christ' in Dublin, for many years attributed to Gerard van Honthorst.

Image above: Detail from Gerrit van Honthorst, Christ before the High Priest, about 1617