Rules for admission to the Gallery

Everyone is welcome to visit the Gallery but we expect visitors to act reasonably and responsibly and to respect our rules, which are designed to ensure that all visitors can enjoy their visit, and that our visitors, staff, and paintings are kept safe.

  • We expect all visitors to behave courteously and with consideration to other visitors and to our staff
  • Please do not touch the paintings or other exhibits, and do not cross barriers
  • Please do not consume food or drink in the galleries
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building
  • You may take photographs for personal, non-commercial use, except in temporary exhibition areas or where a ‘no photography’ sign is displayed. Click here further information
  • No knives or other potentially dangerous or harmful items may be brought into the Gallery
  • There are restrictions on the size of bags and on other items which may be brought into the galleries or left in our cloakrooms. Click here further information
  • Animals are not allowed in the Gallery (except for guide dogs)
  • All visitors are expected to comply with the reasonable instructions of Gallery staff

Any visitor who fails to comply with our rules may be asked to leave the Gallery or refused admission.