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Other tips

Best times to visit

The Gallery is at its quietest at opening time, particularly at weekends. Lots of schools visit during the day (usually in the morning) and many tourists and families visit over half-terms and holidays. Expect the Gallery to be busy and keep your eyes on each other.

See our opening times 


Please read our Visitor Photography statement.

Mobile phones

Talking on mobile phones in the Gallery detracts from enjoying your time together. For the courtesy of your family and other visitors, please do not use your mobile phone in the Gallery.

Touching and barriers

Please remind your group that touching paintings is not allowed. Sometimes very young children toddle under the barriers – keep your eyes on each other to stay safe. 

Tell us what you think

We like to know what we can do better. General comments forms can be found at all Information Desks and special family feedback forms can be found in the Pigott Education Centre or completed online.

You could even draw us what you think! We also like email:

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