Family tours and trails

The National Gallery has a selection of audio tours and printed trails for families. Take your family on a tour round the Gallery.

Please note, we are unable to print trails at our Information Desks. 

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Audio tours

A spread of leaflets
Audio tour
Children get to turn the tables on grown-ups in this audio tour through the collection
Art Detectives
Audio tour
Follow in the footsteps of two special agents as they investigate strange goings-on in the Gallery
Right Royal Tour
Audio tour
Join a journalist and a press photographer to track down kings and queens in the collection

Printed trails

Marvellous Blooms
Printed trail
Discover and explore blooming, marvellous flower paintings and secret meanings!
Katie's National Gallery adventure
Printed trail
Step into paintings from the collection to help Katie draw and explore in the National Gallery.
Printed trail
Designed especially for children, this trail takes you on a tour of five important paintings in the collection

Learning and activity resource

More for families at the Gallery