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Audio tour
Choose from over 1,200 National Gallery paintings to create your own audio tour
Detail from Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1888
Audio tour
Explore some of the highlight paintings in the collection, from intimate self-portraits to glorious sunflowers
Detail from Turner, 'The Fighting Temeraire', 1839
What can you hear in a painting? Discover sounds in National Gallery paintings through an innovative new tour
Detail from Edouard Manet, 'Eva Gonzalès', 1870
Audio tour
Take a tour through the 19th century and discover one of the most exciting periods in art history
Detail from Cosimo Tura: 'A Muse (Calliope?)', probably 1455-60
Audio tour
Discover the techniques used to create some of the National Gallery's most intriguing masterpieces
Rubens: 'An Autumn Landscape with a View of Het Steen in the Early Morning'
Audio tour
Find out how paintings from the collection have brought inspiration to unlikely quarters, from the studio to the kitchen
Detail from Titian: 'The Tribute Money', about 1560-8
Audio tour
See the life of Christ depicted in Gallery paintings, from birth to Resurrection and ascension
BSL tour
Audio tour
This multimedia tour features 23 key highlights from the collection with BSL commentary
Detail from John Constable, ‘The Hay Wain’, 1821
Audio tour
This audio tour features 23 key highlights from the collection.