Take One

Take One aims and principles

Take One applies the model of the National Gallery Take One Picture programme within a local context.


The programme aims to:

  • Promote the use of historic collections within education
  • Enable pupils to make meaningful connections and to inspire a lifelong love of learning
  • Act as a vehicle to raise pupils' standards and self-esteem
  • Involve teachers in high-quality training underpinned by research-based pedagogy
  • Demonstrate and share the possibilities of enhancing children’s learning by engaging with collections
  • Raise the profile of learning outside the classroom as a means of enhancing learning in the classroom, and facilitate a seamless transition between the two
  • Encourage the involvement of the wider school community to build relationships and strengthen identities
  • Provide a platform to celebrate children’s work


We believe:

  • Cultural learning is enriching and can play a transformational role in the lives of young people
  • Experiencing original art and historic collections is an entitlement
  • As a visual stimulus to learning, art should be accessible to everyone
  • Working with paintings, objects, archival documents and historic sites enables meaningful connections to be made
  • Engaging and responding to collections stimulates enquiry, as well as critical and creative thinking
  • High-quality questions facilitate high-quality responses
  • Exploring a rich context provides a platform for a creative, cross-curricular approach to learning 
  • High-quality active learning experiences are inspiring and motivating

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