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The International Circle

Following in the tradition of Sir George Beaumont and John Julius Angerstein, generations of generous philanthropists have continued to make substantial gifts, which have had a fundamental impact on the Gallery’s collection and our inspiring array of public activities.

The International Circle is a group for leading international philanthropists and collectors which gives tailored access to our collection, exhibitions and behind-the-scenes tours, whenever they are visiting London.

United by an appreciation of our collection and international stature, their support contributes to our acclaimed exhibitions and award-winning education programme, and provide us with crucial, additional funding where it is needed most, ensuring we continue to care for and enhance our collection.

The Circle enables committed philanthropists to direct their annual contribution of $25,000 towards areas of greatest need at the Gallery, or select an area of their interest to fund, such as conservation, education and young people, exhibitions, research, and framing.

To acknowledge their support, members are invited to an annual event in the US hosted by the Director of the National Gallery, in addition to receiving bespoke concierge services when visiting the Gallery, such as a personal curator-led tour of an exhibition or a behind-the-scenes visit to our conservation or scientific studios.

To learn more about the Circle and for joining enquiries, please contact:

The International Circle
The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square
Tel: +44 207 747 5902

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